• Studio Visit: Clearance


    Clearance in Polynesia Shirt  by Portuguese Flannel and A.P.C New Standard Jeans

    With just a few weeks left of summer, Chicago based band Clearance's new album 
    At Your Leisure came out July 27th on Topshelf Records and we have been listening all week! The whole album has summer-like vibes for those that are not quite ready for the season to end--- we certainly are not! 

    We had Clearance in the studio a few weeks ago to model Summer collections from our new sister Shop Gemini, featuring looks from Portuguese Flannel, A.P.C, and Gitman Vintage. We spoke with the band mates on how they approach their personal wardrobe while capturing these fun images.

    Our (sometimes) shop dog Henry making an appearance

    Arthur in A.P.C
    Arthur's style: “Currently my style is heavily influenced by Tony Soprano”

    Greg in Portuguese Flannel
    Greg’s style: “Honestly just t-shirts from friends bands and blue jeans.”

    Mike in Portuguese Flannel
    What do you look for when shopping for clothes? “I try and find things I know I can wear in a variety of settings, with whatever else I have, and for hopefully a long time. I like solid color contrasts especially. Otherwise I try and find stuff in thrift stores like everyone else, especially on tour.”

    Kevin in Gitman Vintage
    Kevin’s style: “I try to minimize overt brand expression and logos on my clothes, and I like low saturation, subdued colors. I have two yellow shirts for when I’m at peak self esteem.”

    At Your Leisure




    1. Chances Are
    2. Destination Wedding
    3. Frozen Orange / No Wonder
    4. Had A Fantastic
    5. Rumored Sequel
    6. Haven't You Got the Time?
    7. Another Arrow
    8. Days Underwater
    9. Gallery Glare
    10. On The Doorstep
    11. Bird's-Eye View (Of the Back of the Room)


    Pick up a copy of the album at Topshelf Records


    Clearance's next show is this Friday, August 3rd at the Hideout @ 9pm. See you there!

  • Studio Visit: Boo Baby

    “Ever notice meatballs are little man-made moons?” So observes our favorite indie rock/comedy duo Boo Baby, who stopped by our studio to snag some new promo pictures. They styled themselves using some of our latest summer pieces and the results are modern and wild-eyed just like their music.

    Catch their upcoming shows: Record Breakers on May 4 and Subterranean Upstairs on June 9

    See more: @voovaby

    Stachio Shirt, Printed Swimshorts

    Parma Sweatshirt, Oxford Shirt, Overdye Shorts, Authentic Shoe

    Images by Chris Cunningham (@loupeprint

  • Studio Visit: Cass Chase

    Cass Chase is a New York based multidisciplinary artist currently pursuing a degree in fashion design from The New School. With her femme fatale features and glam rock fashion sense, we thought Cass would be the perfect creative to bring new attitude to some of our favorite Spring '18 pieces.

    Linen Beret

    Chase has recently begun her thesis collection with a focus on hand bead work and embroidery, which immediately drew her to our coveted Our Legacy embroidered Python tee (shown backwards). The long hours put into each piece she creates, along with a heavy workload from additional classes requires a versatile and durable wardrobe for the artist. The Amalie blazer by Just Female has been a key wardrobe addition for her this Spring, as it transitions easily from day to night looks, and pairs well with many different prints and color schemes. 
    A sucker for a statement heel, Cass is also a newly devoted fan of Intentionally Blank, who's Spring collection is full of retro shapes and vibrant hues.